Org Design / Change Management

Carrying out a strategic review of maintenance and Facilities activities is a critical starting point in order to create and maintain a “Best in Class” operation, where companies can concentrate there investment in core competencies and decide on a strategy for non core activities.

Once this review is complete, we will then work with you to develop and implement an org design aligned with your requirements, and to create a dynamic structure that will support, sustain and transform your operation.

This process will ensure the department is structured and resourced to support the business needs, ensure the appropriate focus exists in all areas in the department, enhance standardisation and leverage external and internal resource competencies.

Some additional benefits include:

– Promotes accountability by having clear areas of responsibility and structure in place to execute work.

– Reduce the reliance on Internal resources for non core activities.

– Enhance cost effectiveness and controls, and create a road-map for cost reduction, avoidance and leverage.

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Org Design/Change Management Services

  • Maintenance, Facilities Org Design review
  • Implementation of best practice across maintenance and facilities activities
  • The structure promotes the focus of key resources as required, and allows for leverage when necessary.
  • TUPE management and mobilisation
  • Tender Documentation preparation
  • Tender review and selection service
  • Development and management of KPI's

Org Design

Ensures Client value in the delivery of high performing third party services, which are monitored against client agreed KPI’s to ensure optimum performance.

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